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Formed in: Jan./2014

Localization: Santo André/SP (Brazil)

Genre: Heavy Metal (Thrash)



Cleber Orsioli (Vocal/Guitar)

Zozi Fernando (Guitar/Backing Vocal)

Ricardo Brigas (Bass/Backing Vocal)

Renan Pigmew (Drums)




(Écio Souza Diniz - ROADIE CREW Magazine - Ed. 211 – August/2016)


Formed in 2014 in Santo André, Brazil, Blackning delivers a visceral Thrash Metal with overwhelming energy. Despite the strong influences of the main artists of the genre, the band carries elements that give their music its identity, ranging from Hardcore to Heavy and Death Metal, heavy choruses, and striking and absolutely fast riffs.

The line-up consists of Cleber Orsioli (vocals and guitar), Zozi Fernando (guitar and backing vocals), Ricardo Brigas (bass and backing vocals), and Renan Pigmew (drums), all seasoned musicians from the Brazilian scene.


Blacking has three studio albums and one EP under its belt, all released internationally: Order of Chaos (2014 album), ALieNation (2016 album), Eyes in The Mirror (2017 EP), and Awakening Rage (2023 album). In 2016, the band appeared among the best releases by rock and metal bands across Latin America, through a survey carried out by the Headbangers Latino America website, with music critics from the American continent as judges.

Also in 2016, ALieNation was nominated as the best national heavy metal album at the Prêmio Dynamite de Música Independente, the biggest of its kind in Brazil.

The band toured Brazil (2015, 2016, and 2018) and Europe (2017) in the promotion of their material, visiting countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Russia. In 2022 Blackning signed with the Swedish label BLACKLION for the release of their third album, Awakening Rage, released in July 2023 and anticipated by the singles "Lies That Blind", also released in a music video, "Never To Be Free", in a music video, "Eye For An Eye", which was followed by a Lyric Video, "Lamb to the Slaughter", in a music video, and, finally, "Greed and Lies", also released in a music video, available in streaming and on the official channel of the label on YouTube.



- 3 (three) studio albums + 1 (one) EP:

ORDER O CHAOS: released in CD in Dec./2014 by Vingança Music (Brazil) & Hecatombe Records (Europe)

ALIENATION: released in CD in June/2016 by Vingança Music (Brazil)

EYES IN THE MIRROR: released in CD in October/2017 (Independent)

AWAKENING RAGE: released in CD in July/2023 by Black Lion Records (Worldwide)


- 2 (two) Brazilian Tours:

"Order of Chaos Brazilian Tour 2015": 12 (twelve) concerts in 9 (nine) different states in Brazil

"ALieNation Brazilian Tour 2016": 12 (twelve) concerts in 11 (eleven) different states in Brazil

- 1 (one) European Tour:

"ALieNation European Tour 2017":
16 (sixteen) concerts in 18 (eighteen) days, in 7 (seven) different countries

(Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium and France)



- Order of Chaos ('Brazilian Tour 2015')

- Onslaught ('Brazilian Tour 2015')

- Krisiun ('Forged in Fury' Premiere 2015)

- ALieNation ('Brazilian Tour 2016')

- Rebaelliun & Blackning

  ('The Hell's Decrees'/'ALieNation' premiere 2016)

- Sacred Reich ('South American Tour 2017')

- Exciter ('South American Tour 2017')

- ALieNation ('European Tour 2017')


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Stay tuned for news! See you on the road!


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